Most families in and around Cumbuco, in Ceará state, Northeast Brasil, depend on tourism, particulary kite surfing tourism, as their main source of income. Cumbuco is one of the best kite surfing points in the world, with unaparelled winds for 9 months of the year. 


With the advancement of coronavirus in Brazil and Ceará and the decree of the Governor of the State of Ceará, commercial establishments are closed and one of the most tourist beaches in the state is empty.


In partnership with the NGO Don’t Quit, Cumbuco Buggy Drivers Association (Associação dos Buggueiros do Cumbuco), the Smallscale Fisher Association (Associação dos Pescadores), and other local leaders, the the team from Intention Ventures and Winds for Future are evaluating economically vulnerable families, to distribute food, masks and personal hygiene materials and education materials to prevent further progress of the coronavirus.

In addition to basic needs, we will communicate to beneficiaries the best practices recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the prevention of coronavirus.


The project execution team (Intention Ventures and Winds for Future) will also monitor the families that will receive the benefits of the campaign, to ensure greater reach of the benefits of the campaign. We have collected a baseline that indicates that 500 families, with more than 2.000 people, are currently without any income in the region. The baseline collected indicates their income pre- social isolation measures and current. 


With the decline in tourism in the region, many families have had their main income reduced completely and are in a situation of extreme vulnerability.

Join us to support the families of Cumbuco!

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